LigaTrap™ Chicken IgY Purification


About Chicken IgY Purification

The LigaTrap™ Chicken IgY Purification Kit provides a robust, quick and simple method to purify IgY from chicken serum. While a large amount of IgY is produced in eggs, purification of IgY has been problematic due to the large amount of lipid that is present in egg yolk and the fact that IgY does not bind to common IgG-binding resins like Protein A or Protein G. The LigaTrap™ Chicken IgY Purification Kit simplifies the otherwise difficult, timeconsuming process, by allowing researchers to purify their antibody directly from the serum and yolk.


Chicken IgY Adsorption from Serum

Chicken IgY Adsorption from Serum
LigaTrap Chicken IgY Purification

About LigaTrap™ Technologies

LigaTrap™ purification kits and resins are convenient and easy-to-use. Simply add the sample to the resin, mix and centrifuge. Not only are LigaTrap™ purification protocols simple to follow, but also allow for fast and easy recovery of purified antibodies for screening in your end-use assay. Multiple samples can be processed at the same time, resulting in rapid screening for antibody production. LigaTrap™ spin columns only require a pipette and centrifuge, no specialized equipment needed. Each spin column is capable of up to 10 purifications, and each kit has the ability to perform over 100 purifications, making LigaTrap™ a cost-effective method for antibody purification.

Part Number            Name                                                         Amount                 Price

LT-142Kit                               LigaTrap™ Chicken IgY Purification Kit                          1 Kit                                  $349.00                   PURCHASE

LT-142                                   LigaTrap™ Chicken IgY Purification Resin                      5 ml                                 $555.00                   PURCHASE

LT-142-1x1ml                         LigaTrap™ Chicken IgY Purification Column                   1 ml                                  $125.00                    PURCHASE

LT-142-1x5ml                        LigaTrap™ Chicken IgY Purification Column                   5 ml                                 $595.00                   PURCHASE

LT-142-3x1ml                        LigaTrap™ Chicken IgY Purification Column                   3 x 1 ml                            $365.00                   PURCHASE