Mouse IgG Purification


About LigaTrap™ Technologies

LigaTrap™ purification kits and resins are convenient and easy-to-use. Simply add the sample to the resin, mix and centrifuge. Not only are LigaTrap™ purification protocols simple to follow, but also allow for fast and easy recovery of purified antibodies for screening in your end-use assay. Multiple samples can be processed at the same time, resulting in rapid screening for antibody production. LigaTrap™ spin columns only require a pipette and centrifuge, no specialized equipment needed. Each spin column is capable of up to 10 purifications, and each kit has the ability to perform over 100 purifications, making LigaTrap™ a cost-effective method for antibody purification.


Part Number            Name                                                        Amount                 Price

LT-137Kit                               LigaTrap™ Mouse IgG Purification Kit                          1 Kit                                  $294.00                   PURCHASE

LT-137                                   LigaTrap™ Mouse IgG Purification Resin                      5 ml                                 $450.00                   PURCHASE

LT-137-1x1ml                         LigaTrap™ Mouse IgG Purification Column                   1 ml                                  $100.00                    PURCHASE

LT-137-1x5ml                        LigaTrap™ Mouse IgG Purification Column                   5 ml                                 $475.00                   PURCHASE

LT-137-3x1ml                        LigaTrap™ Mouse IgG Purification Column                   3 x 1 ml                            $295.00                   PURCHASE