Antibody purification startup on growth path after landing $1.5M, rights to NCSU patents

RALEIGH – LigaTrap Technologies has finalized a licensing agreement for three of North Carolina State University’s patents with the Office of Technology Transfer.  The licensed patents will allow the company to expand its existing Protein Purification Platform and further expand product offerings. [more]


ImmunoReagents, Inc. Releases LigaTrap™ IgM Purification Resin and Kit

IgM monoclonal antibodies are offering increased promise in their use as potential therapeutic agents, as well as for research and diagnostic applications. Current IgM antibody purification methods are challenging, time consuming, and often give unreliable results, and are therefore inadequate. LigaTrap’s™ Human IgM Purification Resin was designed to address many of these shortfalls seen with standard affinity ligands. LigaTrap’s™ Human IgM Purification Resin provides high quality, unsurpassed yields, along with ease of use. The LigaTrap™ Human IgM Purification Resin has proven superior to all other products currently on the market for purification of monoclonal human IgM. [more]

ImmunoReagents Introduces LigaTrap™ Purification Resins and Kits

LigaTrap™ technology utilizes novel, patented ligands, designed for antibody purification. LigaTrap™ resins bind an exceptionally broad range of recombinant, monoclonal, and human/animal source polyclonal immunoglobulins. These resins provide distinct advantages to traditional bind and elute purification resins including higher pH elution of target antibodies. With LigaTrap™ resins, antibodies are eluted at pH 4.0, which is less likely to cause antibody aggregation sometimes found with lower pH elutions used with Protein A/G resins. [more]