LigaTrap™ Affinity Purification Columns

Antibody purification just got easier! LigaTrap's™ loose resin is now available in prepacked columns. LigaTrap™ has developed a novel, patented series of affinity ligands specific for the purification of monoclonal and polyclonal immunoglobulins from various species.

LigaTrap™ Human IgM Purification Kit and Resin

IgM monoclonal antibodies have become increasingly favorable for their use as therapeutic tools, while remaining popular for their research and diagnostic applications. Protein A and G chromatography continues to lead the life science industries for the purification of IgG, but these methods have proven unsuitable for the purification of IgM antibodies.


LigaTrap™ Chicken IgY Purification Kit and Resin

The LigaTrap™ Chicken IgY Purification Kit provides a robust, quick and simple method to purify IgY from chicken serum. While a large amount of IgY is produced in eggs, purification of IgY has been problematic due to the large amount of lipid that is present in egg yolk and the fact that IgY does not bind to common IgG-binding resins like Protein A or Protein G. The LigaTrap™ Chicken IgY Purification Kit simplifies the otherwise difficult, timeconsuming process, by allowing researchers to purify their antibody directly from the serum.


LigaTrap™ Llama IgG Purification Kit and Resin

Llamas, along with Alpacas, Guanacos, and Camels, are Camelids. Camelids are unique in that they have specialized IgG antibodies circulating in their blood. Traditional mammalian IgG’s have two heavy chains and two light chains, while Camelids have a population of IgG antibodies that are composed of heavy chain only. These specialized antibodies lack the light chains all together. Normal IgG antibodies weigh 150 kDa and Llama IgG’s weigh 94 kDa.