LigaTrap’s newly introduced affinity adsorbant, LigaGuard, is a proprietary ensemble of multi-modal ligands which is capable of capturing host cell proteins (HCPs) and DNA selectively in flow-through (continuous) mode. The nature of our resin allows desired bio-products to progress, unbound, with a high purity and recovery.


LigaTrap’s AAVidity is a new affinity resin for serotype-agnostic purification of AAVs from HEK293 and Sf9 lysates.  It is functionalized with synthetic affinity ligands that capture AAVs of all serotypes, providing excellent binding capacity and clearance of contaminants (HCPs and hcDNA). High product yield is achieved upon mild elution conditions that safeguard the transduction activity of recovered AAVs.

IgM Resin

LigaTrap’s IgM affinity chromatography purification resins have been proven to be superior in the industry, making the purification of IgM straightforward, affordable and lab efficient. IgM resin has the advantages of extended cycle lives and a milder more basic elution compared to other commonly used resins.

“We have been using LigaTrap mouse IgM purification resin and their custom purification service for two years. The elution buffer is mild, pH3.8, which is a plus for keeping the antibody’s antigen binding ability. In addition, we were very satisfied with the purity and recovery rate of purified IgM from the serum-free hybridoma culture supernatants and their custom purification service.”

- Aya Nomura-Kitabayashi, PhD
Phlippe Marambaud Lab
The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research

“Searched for affinity chromatography columns/resins to purify antibodies with rat Fc groups, we have found only LigaTrap ratIgG column works. In addition, LT columns can be CIPed with 0.5M NaOH. Purification protocol provided and kind customer service are extra. I strongly recommend LigaTrap ratIgG for rat antibody purification.”

– Sam Jeong, PhD
APT Therapeutics

“I am very pleased with the Mouse IgM kit. The sales and technical support teams promptly respond to my queries.”

- Suparna Dutt, PhD
Stanford University School of Medicine
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