Antibody purification startup on growth path after landing $1.5M, rights to NCSU patents

by Joe Magno, executive director NC COIN — February 19, 2018

RALEIGH – LigaTrap Technologies has finalized a licensing agreement for three of North Carolina State University’s patents with the Office of Technology Transfer.  The licensed patents will allow the company to expand its existing Protein Purification Platform and further expand product offerings. [more]


    Meeting Today's Affinity Purification Needs

LigaTrap™ Technologies has developed a novel, patented portfolio of affinity ligands specific for the purification of monoclonal and polyclonal immunoglobulins from various species. In addition to species-specific ligands, advantages include the ability to elute bound antibodies at a milder pH (pH 4.0) than proteins A and G (pH ≤ 3.0), thus reducing the potential for precipitation and inactivation of pH sensitive antibodies.

Our research lab is in Raleigh, NC and our corporate office is in Baton Rouge, LA, our goal is to generate high purity antibodies using ligands superior to those currently available in the marketplace.

Through extensive side-by-side testing with purification products that are currently on the market, beta testing from independent third parties, market research by industry experts, and feedback from leading think tanks within the sector, our technology is proven and deemed superior to those available in specific niche uses.