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IgA Purification Resin and Columns

In the past Immunoglobulin A (IgA) has been one of the more difficult antibodies to purify due to the lack of a robust and high capacity affinity resin. Fortunately for IgA researchers this has changed with the introduction of the LigaTrap Human IgA Purification line. With binding capacities of ≥15mg IgA/mL resin, our IgA purification resin far exceeds the capacity of Jacalin and other lectin-based resins commonly used for IgA purification. On top of this, LigaTrap IgA purification resin does not require the use of sugar (galactose, sucrose…) based elution buffers, therefore simplifying further downstream processing.

As always our Human IgA Purification line is available in loose/bulk resin format (Part#: LT-146), purification kit with all buffers included (Part#: LT-146KIT), and 1mL (LT-146-1x1mL) and 5mL (LT-146-1x5mL) prepacked columns.

Disclaimer: LigaTrap Human IgA Purification resin is not recommended in serum purification applications due to potential cross-reactivity with other immunoglobulins.

Part # Name Amount Price

LigaTrap Human IgA Kit

1 Kit $308.70 Add to Cart
LT-146-1ml KIT

LigaTrap Human IgA Kit 1ml Column Kit

1ml KIT $236.25 Add to Cart
LT-146-5ml KIT

LigaTrap Human IgA Kit 5ml Column Kit

5ml KIT $840.00 Add to Cart

LigaTrap Human IgA Resin

5 ml $450.00 Add to Cart

LigaTrap Human IgA Resin

10ml $750.00 Add to Cart

LigaTrap Human IgA Resin

25ml $959.20 Add to Cart

LigaTrap Human IgA Resin

50ml $1,398.20 Add to Cart

LigaTrap Human IgA Resin

100ml $1,756.00 Add to Cart

LigaTrap Human IgA MicroSpin Columns- Qty 10

MSC $131.25 Add to Cart

LigaTrap® Human IgA Purification Column

1 ml $105.00 Add to Cart

LigaTrap® Human IgA Purification Column

1 x 5 ml $498.75 Add to Cart

LigaTrap® Human IgA Purification Column

3 x 1 ml $309.75 Add to Cart

IgA Yield and Purity

Purified Human IgA1 was spiked into PBS buffer and then loaded over LigaTrap® Human IgA Purification resin and Pierce™ Jacalin agarose at a load of 20mg IgA/ml resin. A residence time of five minutes was used and all manufacturer recommended protocols were followed.


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