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IgM Purification Resin and Columns

The study of IgM began with the report in 1937 that horses hyperimmunized with pneumococcus polysaccharide produced antibody that was much larger than the typical rabbit γ-globulin, with a molecular weight of 990,000 daltons. In accordance with its large size, the new antibody was originally referred to as γ-macroglobulin, and then in subsequent terminology as IgM—M for “macro”.

IgM is the largest antibody, and it is the first antibody to appear in the response to initial exposure to an antigen. In the case of humans and other mammals that have been studied, the spleen, where plasmablasts responsible for antibody production reside, is the major site of specific IgM production.

IgM monoclonal antibodies have become increasingly favorable for their use as therapeutic tools, while remaining popular for their research and diagnostic applications. Protein A and G chromatography continues to lead the life science industries for the purification of IgG, however Protein A/G proves unsuitable for IgM purification proves.

In addition to increased yields and purity levels, LigaTrap Human IgM Purification Resin (LT-143) address many of the shortfalls related to standard affinity ligands including challenges with proteolysis and repeated sanitization associated with other common purification methodologies.

Disclaimer: LigaTrap Human IgA Purification resin is not recommended in serum purification applications due to potential cross-reactivity with other immunoglobulins.

Part # Name Amount Price

LigaTrap Mouse IgM Kit

1 Kit $397.95 Add to Cart
LT-145-1ml KIT

LigaTrap Mouse IgM Kit 1ml Column Kit

1ml KIT $351.75 Add to Cart
LT-145-5ml KIT

LigaTrap Mouse IgM Kit 5ml Column Kit

5ml KIT $1,050.00 Add to Cart

LigaTrap Mouse IgM Resin

5 ml $699.00 Add to Cart

LigaTrap Mouse IgM Resin

10ml $920.00 Add to Cart

LigaTrap Mouse IgM Resin

25ml $1,320.00 Add to Cart

LigaTrap Mouse IgM Resin

50ml $2,200.00 Add to Cart

LigaTrap Mouse IgM Resin

100ml $3,300.00 Add to Cart

LigaTrap Mouse IgM MicroSpin Columns- Qty 10

MSC $147.00 Add to Cart

LigaTrap® Mouse IgM Purification Column

1 ml $156.45 Add to Cart

LigaTrap® Mouse IgM Purification Column

1 x 5 ml $733.95 Add to Cart

LigaTrap® Mouse IgM Purification Column

3 x 1 ml $450.45 Add to Cart

IgM Yield and Purity

LigaTrap® Mouse IgM Purification resin is clearly the superior product in terms of yield and purity of final mouse IgM when compared to all commercially available IgM purification products. Along with great yields and purity, the LigaTrap® Mouse IgM Purification resin uses a simple and easy-to-follow protocol, the ability to recover IgM at a milder pH than competitors, and exceptional resin reusability.


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