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IgG Purification Resin and Columns

LigaTrap® Technologies is excited to offer our top of the line Rat IgG purification resin. Our Rat IgG purification line can bind all Rat IgG isotypes (IgG1, IgG2a, IgG2b, and IgG2c) from polyclonal and monoclonal sources at a capacity of ≥ 25mg Rat IgG/ml of resin. While Protein A and especially Protein G are commonly used for Rat IgG purification, it is worth noting that Protein A has weak affinity for all but Rat IgG2c, while Protein G has low to no binding of IgG1 and IgG2b.We offer LigaTrap® Rat IgG Purification resin in all of our standard formats including bulk resin (LT-138), purification kit (LT-138KIT), 1mL (LT-138-1x1mL) and 5mL (LT-138-1x5mL) prepacked columns.

Part # Name Amount Price

LigaTrap Rat IgG Kit

1 Kit $294.00 Add to Cart

LigaTrap Rat IgG Resin

5 ml $450.00 Add to Cart

LigaTrap® Rat IgG Purification Column

1 ml $100.00 Add to Cart

LigaTrap® Rat IgG Purification Column

1 x 5 ml $475.00 Add to Cart

LigaTrap® Rat IgG Purification Column

3 x 1 ml $295.00 Add to Cart

IgG Yield and Purity

Purified polyclonal Rat IgG was spiked into a cell culture supernatant containing 5% fetal bovine serum and loaded over LigaTrap® Rat IgG Purification resin, Pierce™ Protein A and Protein G Plus at a load of 8mg IgG/ml resin with a five-minute residence time. Yields in histogram were determined using absorbance measurements at 280 nm. All manufacturer recommended chromatographic protocols were followed.


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