Rat IgG Purification Resin and Columns

Immunoglobulin G (IgG) Represents approximately 75% of serum antibodies as the most common type of antibody found in blood circulation. It is the most commonly researched and used in therapeutics of the various antibodies.

LigaTrap technology separates itself by having the highest quality chromatographic purification for IgG on the market today. The advantages LigaTrap IgG Resin include capture IgG subtypes, no immunogenicity or leaching, mild elution conditions, and can be reused after sanitization up to 100 times. LigaTrap IgG Purification Resin is capable of processing and purifying monoclonal antibodies form cell culture supernatant, ascites fluid, hybridoma, and other sources of recombinant IgG.

Product Descriptions

Purification kits are offered in microspin column, 1mL prepacked column, and 5mL prepacked column formats. Each kit includes the appropriate buffers and protocol for performing purifications.

Prepacked columns are offered in 1mL and 5mL formats for our various lines of antibody affinity chromatography resins. Prepacked columns come in kit formats or as standalone products.

Loose resin is available in various volume sizes which can be packed for end user’s specific purification needs. For bulk resin orders larger than 100mL, please inquire.

This product is not recommended in serum purification applications due to cross-reactivity with other immunoglobulins. Please consult LigaTrap for protocols that may improve results in serum.

Part # Name Amount Price

Rat IgG Mircospin Column Kit w/ Buffers

KIT-10x0.1 mL $355.00 Add to Cart
LT-138-1ml KIT

Rat IgG 1mL Prepacked Column Kit w/ Buffers

KIT-1x1 mL $281.00 Add to Cart
LT-138-5ml KIT

Rat IgG 5mL Prepacked Column Kit w/ Buffers

KIT-1x5 mL $1,001.00 Add to Cart

Rat IgG Loose Resin-5mL

5 mL $543.00 Add to Cart

Rat IgG Loose Resin-10mL

10 mL $862.00 Add to Cart

Rat IgG Loose Resin-25mL

25 mL $1,101.00 Add to Cart

Rat IgG Loose Resin-50mL

50 mL $1,604.00 Add to Cart

Rat IgG Loose Resin-100mL

100 mL $2,014.00 Add to Cart

Rat IgG Microspin Columns without buffers

10x0.1 mL $152.00 Add to Cart

Rat IgG Prepacked Purification Column-1mL

1x1 mL $130.00 Add to Cart

Rat IgG Prepacked Purification Column-5mL

1x5 mL $585.00 Add to Cart

Rat IgG Prepacked Purification Columns-3x1mL

3x1 mL $366.00 Add to Cart

Rat IgG Yield and Purity

Purified polyclonal Rat IgG was spiked into a cell culture supernatant containing 5% fetal bovine serum and loaded over LigaTrap Rat IgG Purification resin, Pierce Protein A and Protein G Plus at a load of 8mg IgG/ml resin with a five-minute residence time. Yields in histogram were determined using absorbance measurements at 280 nm. All manufacturer recommended chromatographic protocols were followed.


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