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Rat IgM Purification Resin and Columns

With a molecular weight of 990,000 Daltons, IgM is the largest and hardest of the major antibodies commonly purified. IgM has 10 binding domains (compared to 2 for IgG antibodies) creating more affinity for the target. New IgM molecule based therapeutics are being developed as it is understood to have unique properties such as acting that act as the brain of the immune system, being an early responder to antigens and working through the complement system.

IgM monoclonal antibodies have become increasingly favorable for their use as therapeutic tools, while remaining popular for their research and diagnostic applications. Protein A and G prove to be unsuitable for IgM purification proves. LigaTrap Technologies separates itself by having the highest quality chromatographic purification for IgM on the market today. LigaTrap Rat IgM Purification Resin captures both antibody subtypes and can be reused after sanitization up to 100 times.

In addition to increased yields and purity levels, LigaTrap Technologies address many of the shortfalls related to standard affinity ligands including challenges. Our peptide ligands provide for a robust lifecycle, mild elution conditions and no immunogenicity or leaching.

Disclaimer: This product is not recommended in serum purification applications due to cross-reactivity with other immunoglobulins. Please consult LigaTrap for protocols that may improve results in serum.

Part # Name Amount Price

LigaTrap Rat IgM Kit

1 Kit $397.95 Add to Cart
LT-147-1ml KIT

LigaTrap Rat IgM Kit 1ml Column Kit

1ml KIT $351.75 Add to Cart
LT-147-5ml KIT

LigaTrap Rat IgM Kit 5ml Column Kit

5ml KIT $1,050.00 Add to Cart

LigaTrap Rat IgM Resin 5ml

5 ml $702.45 Add to Cart

LigaTrap Rat IgM Resin 5ml

10ml $920.00 Add to Cart

LigaTrap Rat IgM Resin 5ml

25ml $1,320.00 Add to Cart

LigaTrap Rat IgM Resin 5ml

50ml $2,200.00 Add to Cart

LigaTrap Rat IgM Resin 5ml

100ml $3,300.00 Add to Cart

LigaTrap Rat IgM MicroSpin Columns- Qty 10

MSC $147.00 Add to Cart

LigaTrap Rat IgM Purification Column

1 ml $156.45 Add to Cart

LigaTrap Rat IgM Purification Column

1 x 5 ml $733.95 Add to Cart

LigaTrap Rat IgM Purification Column

3 x 1 ml $450.45 Add to Cart

Rat IgM Yield and Purity

LigaTrap Rat IgM Purification resin is recovering Rat IgM at >2X of POROS™ CaptureSelect, >3X of GE IgM Purification HP and >30X that of Thermo Immobilized MBP resins. From SDS-PAGE data we can see that LigaTrap Rat IgM Purification resin is also binding rat IgM at a greater rate as seen by fainter heavy and light chain bands in the flowthrough fraction. SDS-PAGE also confirms SEC-HPLC data, showing that recovery of LigaTrap significantly greater than that of any other commercially available IgM purification resin.

Along with great yields and purity, the LigaTrap Rat IgM Purification resin uses the same simple and easy-to-follow protocol as all other LigaTrap products, the ability to recover IgM at a milder pH than competitors, and superior resin stability.


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