Human IgM Purification


About IgM Purification

IgM monoclonal antibodies have become increasingly favorable for their use as therapeutic tools, while remaining popular for their research and diagnostic applications. Protein A and G chromatography continues to lead the life science industries for the purification of IgG, but these methods have proven unsuitable for the purification of IgM antibodies. In addition to increased yields and purity levels, LigaTrap™ Human IgM Purification Resin (LT-143) address many of the shortfalls related to standard affinity ligands including challenges with proteolysis and repeated sanitization associated with other common purification methodologies.


The Experiment: Human IgM was purified from CHO media containing 5% FBS using a leading competitor of IgM purification resin. Standard chromatographic conditions were used for the LigaTrap™ LT-143 resin. Three different manufacturer recommended binding conditions were used for the leading competitor of IgM purification resin.

Human IgM Yield and Purity

Figure 1

Percent yield of purified IgM was calculated from a load of 10mg Hu IgM per ml of resin. Percent purity was assessed by HPLC analysis.

IgM Purification

Figure 2

15ul of each elute fraction was assayed by reducing SDS-PAGE and stained with Coomassie dye.


About LigaTrap™ Technologies

LigaTrap™ purification kits and resins are convenient and easy-to-use. Simply add the sample to the resin, mix and centrifuge. Not only are LigaTrap™ purification protocols simple to follow, but also allow for fast and easy recovery of purified antibodies for screening in your end-use assay. Multiple samples can be processed at the same time, resulting in rapid screening for antibody production. LigaTrap™ spin columns only require a pipette and centrifuge, no specialized equipment needed. Each spin column is capable of up to 10 purifications, and each kit has the ability to perform over 100 purifications, making LigaTrap™ a cost-effective method for antibody purification.


Part Number            Name                                                        Amount                 Price

LT-143Kit                               LigaTrap™ Human IgM Purification Kit                          1 Kit                                  $379.00                   PURCHASE

LT-143                                   LigaTrap™ Human IgM Purification Resin                      5 ml                                 $669.00                   PURCHASE

LT-143-1x1ml                         LigaTrap™ Human IgM Purification Column                   1 ml                                  $149.00                    PURCHASE

LT-143-1x5ml                        LigaTrap™ Human IgM Purification Column                   5 ml                                 $699.00                   PURCHASE

LT-143-3x1ml                        LigaTrap™ Human IgM Purification Column                   3 x 1 ml                            $429.00                   PURCHASE

LT-001                                  LigaTrap™ Human IgM (H+L) ELISA Kit (96 tests)          1 x 96-well plate              $295.00                   PURCHASE

LT-002                                 LigaTrap™ Human IgM (H+L) ELISA Kit (192 tests)         2 x 96-well plate             $545.00                   PURCHASE

LT-003                                 LigaTrap™ Human IgM (H+L) ELISA Kit (480 tests)        5 x 96-well plate             $995.00                   PURCHASE

LT-004                                 LigaTrap™ Human IgM (H+L) ELISA Kit (960 tests)        10 x 96-well plate           $1545.00                  PURCHASE